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Terms of Service

We will carry out your MOT and Service on the day. If your vehicle fails its MOT we will quote you for the repairs and arrange you to be booked in. Any minor repairs like bulbs or wipers we may be able to do on the day. If you have a wheel locknut please leave this on your passenger seat as we may need it to carry out repairs.


Oil filter and Oil 5W30 up to 4L

(Different grade oil or more than 4L will be extra charge payable on collection. Most vehicles fit in the 4-5L of oil range)

To reset your service light you must tell us in advance before the booking date. (It is not always possible to reset the service light as some cars have communication issue or faults) 


These checks take in the operational aspects of the vehicle’s interior, including dashboard lights, seat belt operation, various switches and controls, speedometer and more.

Seatbelts & Seat (attachments, adjustments etc.)

Dashboard Warning Lights

Switches/Controls (headlights, headlight adjustment, indicators, windscreen wipers etc.)


Horn Operation

Mirrors (present, adjustable)

View out of Front and Rear Windows

Steering Wheel and Column (fully operational, not damaged)

Pedal Operation


Wheels (condition)

Tyres (condition, pressure, tread depth)

Bodywork (general condition, free from corrosion)

Headlights, Indicators and Other External Lamps


Towbars, if Applicable (electrical socket, general condition, lights)

Registration Plate (present, visible)

Boot and Bonnet (open/close correctly)

External Mirrors

Shock Absorbers

Fuel Tank Cap

Wiper Blades


Braking System


Steering (incl. Power Steering)

Exhaust System

Fuel System


Suspension System

Wheels & Wheel Bearings (condition)

Tyres (condition, pressure, tread depth)

Fuel System and Tank

General Condition

Exhaust System

Emissions (acceptable levels)



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